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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a Cemetery Plot?2020-02-19T13:31:13-05:00

We offer a large range of burial options, including full body and cremation options, which include, but are not limited to, traditional in-ground, crypt and Green Burial natural options. You can find the starting price points of these, and other options, here:

Can you pay for a Burial Space in advance?2020-02-21T10:47:50-05:00

Yes, we encourage everyone to pre-plan their final resting place. This would ensure that your end of life wishes are met and gives your family members peace of mind. We offer interest free financing and other payment options. Our knowledgeable, compassionate Family Service Counselors are here to make this process as easy as possible. Make an appointment to discuss what is best for you.

What is a Service Fee? Can you pay for the Service Fees in advance?2020-02-19T13:32:03-05:00

Service Fees are the costs of the opening and closing of a grave, crypt, or niche. Service Fees can also include the use of a chapel, tent and chairs. Service Fees cannot be paid until the time of need.

Is Holy Sepulchre Cemetery affected by the Diocese of Rochester filing of Chapter 11?2020-03-05T13:35:20-05:00

No. Since its inception in 1871, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery has been an independent entity, separately incorporated from the Diocese of Rochester. The same is true for our newest location, Ascension Garden Cemetery. Holy Sepulchre & Ascension Garden Cemeteries are governed by an independent Board of Trustees.

Is my Burial Investment safe? What happens if my Burial Space needs maintenance in the future?2020-02-19T13:32:50-05:00

Yes, as an independent entity, Holy Sepulchre & Ascension Garden Cemeteries have planned ahead to ensure your loved ones will be taken care of into perpetuity. In fact, 10% of every sale is invested to care for the cemetery for years to come. Continual maintenance is included in every sale. In the future, if your location requires maintenance, please reach out to the cemetery. We will be happy to help.

Is Holy Sepulchre Cemetery full? Are plots still available?2022-02-07T15:50:56-05:00

No, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is not full. We have several acres of undeveloped land and are continually adding to our availability, planning well into the future. We also have a second location near Mendon Ponds Park, Ascension Garden Cemetery, which offers the same burial options as Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, offering another option for the families we serve.

Is cremation acceptable in the Catholic faith tradition?2020-02-21T10:46:38-05:00

Yes, cremation has been an acceptable option for Catholics since 1963. The Catholic Church believes that the cremated remains should be treated with the same respect and reverence given to full casket burial. The Catholic Church instructs that cremated remains should be buried or entombed; scattering of cremated remains or keeping them at home is not considered to be the reverent disposition that the church requires.

What kind of options are there for cremated remains?2020-02-21T10:45:52-05:00

We offer a large variety of options for cremated remains. Interior options include glass, marble or wood front niches in a Mausoleum. Exterior options include traditional in-ground burial, free standing columbaria, and natural Green Burial. Within each option, we offer more specific options to best meet your needs. For more information, please visit: or call us at 585-458-4110 to make an appointment with our compassionate, non-commissioned Family Service Counselors.

Can cremated remains be mailed directly to the cemetery?2020-02-19T13:34:48-05:00

We do not accept mailed cremated remains. It is best to work directly with a Funeral Home or local family member.

Whose responsibility is it to have death dates added to an existing headstone?2020-02-21T10:45:24-05:00

The purchaser or responsible party would be required to work directly with a monument dealer to edit an existing headstone, marker or monument.

Why do you have rules for decorations?2022-05-26T11:09:54-04:00

For over 150 years, Holy Sepulchre & Ascension Garden have served the Catholic Community to honor and remember lives of their loved ones. We are dedicated to the comfort of those we serve, providing ongoing support to assist in the grieving process.

With nearly 450 acres of land, the safety of the Rochester community and our employees is our primary focus. Therefore, we must take the utmost care in maintaining the safety on our grounds. Due to the cemetery’s size, very large number of burials and the need to maintain the grounds in a safe and efficient manner, there are rules regarding planting and decorations.

A full list of regulations is provided with every purchase, at each of our cemeteries and are available digitally. These specific brochures govern decorations for graves, mausoleums and columbaria.  Please refer to these brochures when planning decorations and if you have questions contact the Cemeteries’ offices.

More than 250,000 burials have taken place on consecrated ground at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and Ascension Garden.  The cemeteries provide families a place for prayerful reflection and meditation, to remember and celebrate life everlasting. Our purpose is to care for those interred in our cemeteries while maintaining the beauty and safety that families have trusted for generations.

Thank you for your support in maintaining a safe place for all.


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