Mausoleum – A building that serves as a burial place for caskets and cremated remains.

Columbaria – A free standing, outdoor structure that holds niches.

Crypt – The location in which a casket is placed within a mausoleum.

Niche – The location in which cremated remains are placed within a mausoleum or columbaria.

In-Ground Full Casket Burial – The body of the deceased is interred within a casket. The casket is then placed into a protective vault, placed in the ground and covered with soil.

In-Ground Cremation Burial – The cremated remains, within an urn or container, are placed into a protective vault, then into the ground and covered with soil.

Green or Natural Burial – The interment of one’s remains is placed in a biodegradable casket or shroud. The body is not embalmed or if so, only natural and organic products are used so that there is no interruption in the natural eco-system.

Memorial Stones

  • Flat – Flat stone, flush with ground, placed at burial site.
  • Slant – Diagonally shaped stone, beginning flush with ground and elevated upright, placed at burial site.
  • Monument – Traditional upright stone placed at burial site.