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Beginning on April 4th, we start the annual cleanup time at our cemeteries. With nearly 450 acres of land, the safety of the Rochester community and our employees is our primary focus. Therefore, we must take the utmost care in maintaining the safety on our grounds. If you have decorations that you would like to save, we highly encourage you to pick up these items before the clean-up time begins.

Our team takes the time to carefully remove each item and if it is intact and unbroken, these items are placed in the pick-up area (located next to our main office). If you were unable to pick up your items before clean-up began, you may visit the pick-up area to locate your items. We cannot guarantee your items to be locatable, but we hope this added step assists those who were unable to pick up their items prior.

A full list of regulations is provided with every purchase and can be found at each of our cemeteries or here. These specific brochures govern decorations for graves, mausoleums and columbaria. Please refer to these brochures when planning your annual decorations.

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